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Cuisine & Wine Asia Wine Distributor of the Year

This award is presented to a Wine Distributor in Singapore that features an impressive diversity of wines, provides great service, good logistics, consistency in inventory and quality and exercises flexibility towards its clients.

Evaluation Criteria:
  • Variety: Nominated wine distributor has a wide range of wines available and constantly strives to improve the variety of products offered.
  • Value: Nominated wine distributor offers reasonable prices in relation to the quality of products and services provided.
  • Exceptional service standards: Nominated distributor is resourceful, responds efficiently and prompt in delivery.
  • Service quality: The services provided should display exceptional resourcefulness in obtaining the product specific to customer’s requirements and continually meets or exceeds customers’ expectations.
  • Accessibility: Nominated wine distributor has an online store and catalogue which allows clients to shop and browse through available products with ease.