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At MEIKO we do not think in business quarters. We think in generations. Sustainable business comes naturally to us – we act with a long-term perspective, not aimed solely at short-term success. That has been our attitude for over 90 years. As a company owned by a foundation, we are guided by our own unique values and axioms – and that makes us stand out.

Reusable is the future – this is the clear message from authorities and experts worldwide. Now the challenge is to find solutions for hotels and food service businesses so that they can keep their reusable cups and glass bottles in circulation. Experts say that cups have to be used at least 40 times before the lifecycle assessment is in the green. The M-iQ and M-iClean are MEIKO‘s solution to hygienically clean and dry dishes while the catering is in motion at parties and festivals, all without harming the environment.

The clean way
The MEIKO bottle washing system

Take the professional path to a cleaner future with reusable bottles. Nearly every industry is in the process of utilizing reusable bottles – the sustainable solution for people and planet. Glass and plastic bottles can be used and washed many times – saving valuable resources and making an active contribution to environmental conservation. The best part? It is easy to switch to reusable bottles when you use warewashing technology by MEIKO. The clever MEIKO bottle rack and adapter are a simple, efficient, solution for all standard bottle sizes and shapes.

For all standard bottle sizes and shapes MEIKO has the clean solution: Our M-iClean UM/UM+ machines are simple to use with the adapter system. And just like that, you’re ready to clean reusable bottles. With a capacity of up to 16 bottles per wash cycle, they will have your bottles clean and ready for use in no time. It doesn’t matter whether your bottles are made of glass or plastic. The professional solution for hotels, food service, communal catering and labs, among other environments – hygienic washing for reusable bottles. Compatible with all MEIKO M-iClean UM and UM+ machines. Cleans up to 640 bottles per hour.