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Cuisine & Wine Asia

Cuisine & Wine Asia

Since our inception in 1996, Cuisine and Wine Asia has evolved over time to become an internationally recognised food and beverage (F&B) publication and a major player in the F&B magazine market  in Singapore and South East Asia. Our publication is reputed for starting trends and setting standards.
Cuisine and Wine Asia has more than 23 years of experience publishing the issues F&B professionals need to know and has built a legacy of bringing the news and issues that the culinary and hospitality scene within the region needs to know.

Our Mission
To feed the current pool of F&B professionals, rising or otherwise, trends and stories about all aspects of the culinary and hospitality industry, and inspire them to lead the way into revolutionizing the food culture of Asia. Whether in the frontlines of service, or in the back end supplying the parts that you need to create a great experience, we are there every step of the way, creating the news, connecting different parties, and all with the keen experienced eye of an industry great.

Our Vision
We aim to become the experts of not just the culinary and hospitality industry of the Asia Pacific, but also become a great player on food media on the global stage. We see ourselves as the media that has ties to most companies, chefs, industry experts and manufacturers due to our longstanding years in the industry and we continue to do so through maintaining our standards of excellence, professionalism, eye to detail and love for what we do.

Our Values
Inspire - To tell and develop stories that will encourage others to create positive change within the F&B industry.

To communicate the issues on the radar in the Asia Pacific culinary and hospitality industry, break them into bite-sized, easy to digest news, and sow the seeds that will keep them thinking.

To incorporate current trends and streamline better changes for the good of tomorrow.  

To develop and nurture a sense of love for the food we eat, respect for the people that are tirelessly working to keep our tourism and kitchens running, a hunger to learn and share knowledge,  and a desire to change the world.