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WGA 2021 E-Booklet

Honouring our Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

  • Name
    Tippling Club
  • Description
    Established in 2008 it’s over a decade since this boundary-pushing gastro-cocktail destination opened originally in Dempsey Hill. Today we still push the boundaries and blur the lines of which we set to break through, whether it be in the award winning dining room or cocktail bar.
    Chef-Owner Ryan Clift's brand of modern gastronomy is fun, playful and fresh. It imbues the drinker and dining guest with a sense of excitement, adventure and a touch of the theatrical. Recognised for its innovative, ultra-progressive cuisine and cocktails, Tippling Club is a regular member of international awards categories, whether for it’s fine-dining experience or innovative cocktail creations. For Tippling Club has now become that of an institution within the food and drinking scene within Singapore and South East Asia.
    Tippling Club continues to pair its award-winning cuisine with world-class cocktails, pushing the extremes of ingredients and textures to create an ever-evolving dining and drinking experience.
    For what is now part two of the ‘A Guide to Modern Drinking’ series. Ryan Clift and Andrew Loudon take inspiration from modern art and celebrated artists, translating their works into the form of a cocktail menu and drinking experience.  Innovative and progressive, A Guide to Modern Drinking Volume II invites guests to enjoy the drinking experience, be it in cocktail or simply in fine spirit.