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WGA 2021 E-Booklet

Honouring our Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

  • Name
    Catalin Firanescu
  • Organisation
    Spago, Marina Bay Sands
  • Description
    Passion. Excellence. Finesse. Beyond the humour and fanfare, Catalin embodies the true meaning of raising the standards of service in the F&B industry. The numerous Tripadvisor, Facebook, emails and Instagram posts speak volumes as a testament to his aptitude, and above all, his positivity and attitude. Those who have had the privilege to be served by him would appreciate his humour as much as his sense of style. Having spent 11 years in the F&B industry from Tokyo, to London, and eventually, the longest stint in Singapore, Catalin embraces the world culture and adapts each nuances to his own style, making it truly unique and engaging. Being one who walks the talk and rolls up his sleeves to be personally involved in guest experience, he elevates the service element through innovative ideas and delivers business by making right recommendations that is well-receivedby the guests. Through this, he has built strong connections with his clientele who have become his regulars at Spago MBS. Going beyond his call of duty stands him apart as The Restaurant Manager as he puts in just the extra touch of finesse, listing the reservations on his own accord and making it extra memorable for the guests. As the head honcho in the operations, Catalin leads by example, organising numerous service training for his 45 staff, and was also appointed master trainer for MBS upon the release of COVID-19’s Phase 2 plans for Singapore. He looks forward to many more opportunities to contribute to a better service within this F&B industry.