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  • Name
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    Straits Clan
  • Description
    Kin is a restaurant in the lobby of Straits Clan that serves heritage cuisine by Chef Damian D’Silva. The menu is a retrospective look at the origins of our cuisine, showcasing traditional cooking methods, recipes and ingredients that have been left behind. Paired with an inspired beverage offering and genuine hospitality to complement the simple joys of sitting around the dining table with loved ones. We believe in preserving Singapore’s culinary heritage, in all its complexity and depth, for generations to come. It’s a cuisine to be celebrated, unconstrained by culture or racial identity, but rather an amalgamation of traditional recipes brought from foreign lands spanning Malay, Peranakan, Chinese, Eurasian and Indian cuisines amongst many others. As we share these recipes with you, may it remind you of the simple joys of kinship, spark new discoveries and foster greater appreciation for our rich culinary fabric.