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WGA 2021 E-Booklet

Honouring our Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

  • Name
    藝 Yì by Jereme Leung
  • Organisation
    Raffles Hotel Singapore
  • Description
    Nestled in the restored Raffles Arcade, 藝yi by Jereme Leung is a hidden world of deep rooted culinary traditions while celebrating the art of storytelling and modernity, perfectly complementing Jereme’s culinary style. The arrival exudes the whimsical world of 藝yi as the intricately handcrafted white floral petals elegantly drape the walls and ceilings. Bathed in neutral earthly tones, the main dining hall is inspired by the ancient Chinese myth portraying the creation of Heaven and Earth by the god Pangu. Elements of Heaven are thoughtfully designed through a showcase of white creped fixtures that educes the idea of a blanket of clouds, while soft blue pastels and warm beige detailing create elements of Earth. 藝yi by Jereme Leung brings you on an experiential journey while introducing you to a
    whole new world of Chinese cuisine.