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    ecoSPIRITS works closely with hospitality operators across Asia Pacific to continue to refine and develop our closed loop technology. Raffles Hotel Singapore was the global pilot customer for ecoSPIRITS, and an important partner in proving the technology. Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts made the first continent-wide commitment to ecoSPIRITS, demonstrating sustainability leadership in eliminating glass waste.
    Staff (training and education) – ecoSPIRITS has partnered with JERRY, an online beverage learning platform, to offer complimentary courses in sustainability and use of the ecoSPIRITS technology in venues.
    Management – ecoSPIRITS’ mission is to end single use glass in the spirits industry. We are working to become a global leader in the fight to eliminate glass waste, through an international network of closed loop systems for spirits distribution. Our impact is measured in simple terms: no of single use glass bottles eliminated each year, total carbon emissions savings each year, and total reforestation completed annually.
    Customers – ecoSPIRITS is promoted to consumers on menus in bars, restaurants or hotels that adopt the technology. Through the eS icon, consumers learn they can save 30g of carbon emissions for each cocktail serve, and can do their part by making green choices in drinking.
    Wider community –  The elimination of single use glass waste benefits the entire community. Less waste to landfills and 80% less carbon emissions in the overall spirits lifecycle.
    Suppliers and the supply chain - ecoSPIRITS works with hospitality operators of all sizes to help them reduce the waste and carbon footprint of their beverage operations dramatically. Venue partners in Singapore include Raffles Hotel Singapore, Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, Grand Hyatt Hotel Singapore, Loco Group of restaurants, and many of the city’s acclaimed cocktail bars.
    From its launch, ecoSPIRITS has received a great deal of attention from the local, regional and international media. The content destined to the growing ecoSPIRITS audience is promoted on a range of platforms, including the web, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. Through these communications we are rallying others to the cause of ending single use glass.