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WGA 2021 E-Booklet

Honouring our Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

  • Name
    The Providore
  • Description
    We’ve worked hard to build a passionate team at The Providore who are committed to making incremental changes to our operations because they deeply believe in the cause. Our staff are trained on the importance of reducing single-use takeaway waste, and where possible, we encourage customers to use their own reusable bags when shopping from our grocery. We also stock our own range of reusable canvas and environmental bags, making it easier for customers to opt out of using plastic bags.
    In terms of food sourcing, we have engaged a vertical farming company to sustainably grow greens locally to reduce our imported fresh greens, it is in the trial phase and we plan to increase our usage as their production capabilities increase. We have also switched most of the seafood we use to be from certified sustainable sources, choosing to use sustainably caught seafood instead of farmed or mass harvested products, this is something that we believe is important given the impact that poor fishing practices are having on our oceans as well as the supply of fish stocks globally.

    In addition, all used cooking oil from our kitchens are sent to be recycled into bio-diesel, which helps to lessen the amount of carbon emissions.