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WGA 2021 E-Booklet

Honouring our Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

California Wine Sommelier of the Year

A highly knowledgeable wine professional who holds a title of Head/Chief Sommelier or equivalent in a restaurant/ hotel who show a mastery of a broad spectrum of wines including wine & food pairing. The nominee must be capable of delivering excellent wine service (salesmanship and wine recommendation) to enhance the customer’s overall dining experience.

*Grand Recipient is eligible for Overseas Development Program, endorsed by Singapore Tourism Board (T&C apply)

Evaluation criteria:
  • Professionalism: The nominee demonstrates an acute business sense and provides diners with quality wine and dining experience.
  • Consistency: The Nominee strives to perfect his or her knowledge and technique and displays a desire to constantly improve and source for new products.
  • Expertise: Nominee is equipped with an in-depth knowledge of cuisine and wine trends.
  • Guest relations: The nominee exhibits good interpersonal skills is able to build a rapport with the guests. The nominee also understands the needs of the guests and does his/her best to exceed expectations.