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WGA 2021 E-Booklet

Honouring our Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

Marrone Hospitality Institution of the Year

This award seeks to recognise a hospitality institution that provides full-time and part-time courses for nurturing food & beverage talents in Singapore. Such courses should be conducted in a formal learning environment.

Evaluation criteria:
  • Accreditation: The hospitality institution has to be certified by the local government and internationally recognised professional accreditation.
  • Environment Setting: The nominated institution possesses environmental factors that encourage the acquiring of skills and knowledge through professional settings which include the appropriate setup of academic rooms and practical surroundings.
  • Quality of Educators: Highly educated professors/lecturers  that not only have experience teaching, but also real-world skills and are keen to impart their knowledge.
  • Curriculum: The institution offers an extensive programme that is dedicated to enhancing the culinary profession.
  • Value: The pricing structure reflects the characteristics of the programme - the degree of accreditation, level of professionalism and the atmosphere of the campus.