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Restaurant of the Year 2001, 2003, 2008
Les Amis - Restaurant
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Fifteen years ago, a star was born and it was christened Les Amis. Today, it still shines as bright as before. Located in the heart of the Orchard Road shopping district, it is one of the world’s best restaurants. Constantly considered as one of the best dining experiences in Singapore and the Asian region, without doubt, Les Amis is the perfect embodiment of exclusiveness and sophistication.

Les Amis first opened its door to guests on 15 March 1994 and like any star worthy of its adoration, it underwent multiple refurbishments to keep up with the times. Currently, it is a model of style and refinement – its irregular glass façade coupled with its gorgeous teak and yellow marble interiors truly personify elegance and chic. And it is not just all beauty as its substance is what makes it the envy of many.

Ever since the first guests stepped into Les Amis, it has been serving magnificent cuisines accompanied by superb selection of wines. From Chef Justin Quek to Chef Armin Leitgeb, there is no compromise in the quality of cuisine served at the restaurant. With a focus on light and contemporary dishes with evident French influence, the chefs of Les Amis have awed the guests with superb ingredients, delicate tastes and stunning flavours. Through and through, it is a fine dining experience like no other.

When a star has won that many awards and recognitions in such a short span of time, it indeed epitomises greatness. Les Amis is definitely a star like that. In less than two decades, Les Amis and its tour de force has been constantly recognised by the World Gourmet Summit Awards Of Excellence. And it is not just one or two awards. Chef Justin Quek (Chef Of The Year), Randy See, Aby Tan and Timothy Goh (all were awarded Sommelier Of The Year and Restaurant Manager Of The Year between them) all won awards in their respective categories. Moreover, Les Amis was also recognised for its wine list. To top it all off, it was named Restaurant Of The Year three times. And if that’s not proof enough, it is also Asia’s third best restaurant as acknowledged by the Miele Guide.

Les Amis is a multifaceted star – combining the pleasures of splendid cuisine and fine wine with unforgettable service in a luxurious setting. Les Amis is more than just a restaurant, it is an experience.

Interview with Les Amis Pte Ltd

What does being in the World Gourmet Summit Awards Of Excellence Hall Of Fame for Restaurant of the Year mean to Les Amis?

The team certainly feels delighted and proud of this award. All accolades mean a lot to the restaurant as it both signifies our customers’ satisfactions and appreciation of the team’s hard work!

What do you (the restaurant) hope to achieve in the near future?

We want to continue to deliver high quality dining experiences. It is even harder to maintain and deliver consistency the higher we climb. That is one focus which the team has. As we’ve heard, the Michelin Guide is coming to Singapore soon. We want to ensure that we’re on the right track. After all that is said, we want to strive to retain the trust in our customers that they believe in Les Amis.

Can you share with other establishments in the industry the problems you’ve had to overcome to achieve this accolade?

One challenge which we will always have is the turnover in the team just like any good restaurant. Having new members on board means to be able to quickly synchronise their mentality with the philosophy of the restaurant and not affording to make crucial mistakes. Or even the slightest as every little detail counts for us.

What do you think makes your restaurant unique?

All I can say is that we work really hard in maintaining the standards and we go the extra mile by double checking on it.