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Wine List of the Year 2005, 2006, 2007
Raffles Grill
Restaurant Type
When it first opened its door more than a century ago, Raffles Hotel Singapore is a name synonymous with luxurious holiday experience and unforgettable gourmet indulgence. Today, it is no different. The establishment is still as distinguished and recognised as ever. And its Raffles Grill still promises the best experience in dining.

Without doubt, Raffles Grill has withstood the test of time. For many years, it has positioned itself as a formidable force in the local dining and wining scene. Many still look forward to a memorable and remarkable experience at the restaurant. When Raffles Hotel Singapore welcomed its first guests in 1899, the entire ground floor was dedicated to dining. This further proved the hotel’s commitment to providing its guests with an exclusive dining experience. In 1923, to honour the pressing need of the time, Raffles Grill was born.

Raffles Hotel Singapore has always believed in changing for the better and changing to accommodate the current situation. In the early 1950s, to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Raffles Grill underwent refurbishment. A Tudor style was introduced and kept until today. Now, the restaurant still retains its elegant and formal setting – the perfect accompaniment for a dining and wining experience like no other.

Perhaps, it is not just the setting and the food that set Raffles Grill apart from the rest. Unquestionably, it is its extensive wine list that truly represents the best wines from all over the world, both Old World and New World. The selections available from its celebrated wine cellar are meticulously chosen by the restaurant’s cellar master. From exquisite and exclusive collections of French, Italian and German wines to the outstanding vintages from California, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, this is one list that will definitely get the seal of approval from the most discerning of wine cognoscenti. Thus, it is no wonder then that its wine list was awarded the best by the World Gourmet Summit Awards Of Excellence for the years 2005-2007 – an accurate pertinent recognition.

The moment you step into Raffles Grill, be prepared for a dining experience you will never find anywhere else – from its stylish setting to its celebrated cuisine and wonderful wines.

Interview with Raffles Grill

What does being in the Hall Of Fame mean to Raffles Grill?

This is an additional accolade to our mantel, an achievement that is testimony to the hotel’s continuous pursuit of hospitality excellence.

Can you share with other establishments in the industry the problems you’ve had to overcome to achieve this accolade?

Raffles Grill is the epitome of Raffles Hotel’s unique heritage and history, setting the perfect fine dining experience for patrons. At the same time, we are sensitive to global culinary penchants and innovative trends. Raffles Grill hopes to continue to be true to the fine dining culture whilst similarly embracing the culinary trend of the world, and extending an unforgettable dining experience to residents and patrons. Today, the talented Chef de Cuisine, Denis Goison, offering classic French cuisine prepared in a contemporary style, helms Raffles Grill.

Are there any other wine regions that your establishment would like to introduce in the near future?

Raffles Grill has meticulously overseen her cellar’s procurement and collection of significant and illustrious wines that have garnered awards and accolades both in Singapore as well as internationally. Our speciality may originate from Old World wines being our niche, however recognising the excellence in many New World vineyards, we remain enthusiastic in learning and experimenting with new wines.