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Phuture® Foods

Phuture® Foods

Phuture Foods is the brainchild of seasoned restauranteur, Mr Jack Yap. Mr Yap was always on the look out for alternative meats as a more sustainable means of meat consumption for his customers but was never satisfied with what the market had to offer. He decided to embark on this journey to create a product that addresses this issue.

Mr Yap first started building his team back in 2018, which now consists of talents from across the world, namely US, China, Singapore, Malaysia and more. With the help of his team of food scientists and more than a year of research and development harnessing advanced food technologies, Phuture Foods’ first product, Phuture Minced Meat was born.

Phuture Foods is on a mission to become the leading alternative meats supplier in Asia. The company strives to educate the region on how healthy and guilt-free Phuture Foods’ products are. It is no secret that producing real meat harms both animals and the environment. This is where Phuture Foods sees an opportunity to provide a sustainable option for all meat eaters.

Phuture Minced Meat is the company’s first step into the alternative meats market and Phuture Foods is ready to take the industry by storm with more variations of alternative meats to come in the future.