U.S. Dairy Export Council

The U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) is a non-profit, independent membership organization that represents the global trade interests of U.S. dairy producers, proprietary processors and cooperatives, ingredient suppliers and export traders.
Founded in 1995, USDEC's mission is to enhance demand for U.S. dairy products and ingredients by securing access and assisting suppliers to meet market needs that facilitate sales. Activation occurs through research and collaboration with members, government, academia and numerous related organizations whose common goal is to ensure the health and vitality of the U.S. dairy industry. USDEC, together with its network of overseas offices, also works directly with global buyers and end-users to accelerate customer purchasing and innovation success with quality U.S. dairy products and ingredients.
Global Presence
The U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) has an extensive network of staff and representatives around the world from Asia to the Middle East and North Africa as well as Latin America and the United States. Representing the needs of its members as well as global buyers, end-users and food and beverage industry stakeholders, USDEC proudly serves as a comprehensive resource for actionable U.S. dairy information.
USDEC representatives across Southeast Asia carry out a variety of trade engagement programs each year with a focus on Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. This includes hosting seminars, participating in trade shows, and sharing timely market information about the U.S. dairy industry and its ever-evolving product portfolio and capabilities in order to accelerate customer success with sourcing and using U.S. Dairy. Programs also provide food and beverage and foodservice end-users with utilization trends, formulation and recipe ideas and technical information to spark creativity in using U.S. cheese and dairy ingredients in new and innovative ways.

U.S. Cheese
While traditionally only part of Western fare, over the past couple decades, cheese has become a more familiar food in the diet of many cultures not customarily consuming it. As global appetites for cheese continue to grow, the U.S. cheese industry is well suited to supply the increased demand. 
In fact, the United States offers hundreds of varieties and styles perfectly crafted to meet global customers' and consumers' desire for enjoyable, great-tasting cheese. As a country of immigrants, many of our traditions reflect our ancestry, and one of those traditions is a love for cheese. Using centuries-old recipes and traditional methods, an industry was born with the first settlers. Today, the U.S. cheese industry is an international center of cheese making excellence and innovation. 
Come explore how our industry can help move your business forward with high-quality, safe and functional cheese ingredients and products. 

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