Food brings people together. The dining table is a backdrop for theincredible everyday, where discoveries and memories are made. It is a place Luzerne recognises for its vitality and the familiar—but no less magical—the dimension it brings to life itself.
Drawing on over 70 years of tradition and knowledge, Luzerne designs and creates bespoke fine china for many of the world’s highly regarded brands in the food, hospitality, retail and airline industries. Our wares are proudly made in Dehua, China—the birthplace of world-renowned Blanc de Chine—named World Ceramics Capital by the World Crafts Council.
Our revolutionary bone ash free products are a testament to our environmentally friendly and culturally aware philosophy.
From award-winning establishments to the home, Luzerne brings handcrafted expertise to your table. We are committed to your everyday best, because we believe that the everyday can be amazing. It’s why we make premium tableware accessible, and why our service partners in over 50 countries around the world guarantee support at all times.
May Luzerne be a natural companion for your best moments in life.

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