Inaugurated in 2001, the World Gourmet Summit – Awards of Excellence (AOE) – is the only national accolade that recognises the efforts of key players in the food and beverage (F&B) industry, demonstrating exceptional service and utmost dedication to their craft.

For the past 18 years, Awards of Excellence has awarded over a hundred outstanding F&B and hospitality professionals and establishments in Singapore and around the region.

This year’s award winners will be announced at a ceremony coinciding with commencement of the World Gourmet Summit on 3rd April 2018.


"The industry requires more passionate, driven and competent individuals. I am positive that new benchmarks of excellence will continuously be set because that's what raises the level of service and experience. We are glad that AOE is helping achieve this goal and being instrumental in the evolution of culinary landscape in Singapore and in the region."

- Peter A Knipp, founder of World Gourmet Summit Awards of Excellence
World Gourmet Summit

Inaugurated in 1997 as part of Singapore Tourism Board’s initiative to establish Singapore as a culinary destination, the World Gourmet Summit (WGS) has successfully grown into a globally recognised gastronomic event – the World Gourmet Summit. Encompassing a series of dazzling events such as the Awards Of Excellence and World Gourmet Summit, the World Gourmet Summit has more than 140,000 guests attending over the past 22 years.

Every year, star-studded celebrity chefs arrive in Singapore to whip up delightful WGS-exclusive feast for discerning individuals who appreciate fine cuisine, great wines and unique dining experiences.

a Peter Knipp Holdings Pte Ltd is a company born out of one man’s deep desire to channel 27 years’ worth of F&B knowledge towards building a complete one-stop-solution centre for all food, beverage and hospitality concept needs. With a dedicated team of industry specialists supporting him, Peter A Knipp set out in 1996 to establish his company as a leading F&B consultancy in the region. He has worked with some of the world’s top companies to generate creative concepts like no other.
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a The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is an economic development agency for one of Singapore’s key service sectors  tourism. The mission of the board is to develop and champion tourism, so as to build the sector into a key driver of economic growth for Singapore. With its strategic tourism units covering the key purposes of visit by tourists, the STB work towards revitalising traditional segments ranging from sightseeing and attractions to business travel, as well as actively tapping into emerging segments such as healthcare and education services.