at-sunrice The Singapore Cooking School and Spice Garden Asian Cuisine Article of the Year

This award seeks to recognise a journalist or a group of journalists based in any of the 5 participating countries (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand) who have written an outstanding article, which reflects and promotes the quality, variety and vibrancy of Asian cuisine. The focus of the article should be on the cuisine itself and not a chef or a restaurant.

Examples of Asian cuisine include:

- Chinese - Indonesian - Indian - Japanese
- Malay - Vietnamese/ - Thai - Korean
- Peranakan   Cambodian - Filipino    

The submitted article must be published in any English print or electronic medium (magazine, newspapers) for the first time in any of the above participating countries between 2 December 2001 and 1 October 2002.

Into the Spicy Heartland of the Middle Kingdom
- Ron Gluckman
October / November 2002 (Indonesia)
On a long and exhilarating escapade in Asia, Ron Gluckman has been deemed as a whimsical traveller and an exalted American free-lance journalist. Stationed in Beijing, his audacious interpretations of his invigorating adventures immersed in the myriad of diverse cultures of Asia have intrigued many readers and enthusiasts. Gluckman's plethora of enlivening odysseys have been penned in reputable magazines and newspapers, including Time, Asiaweek, Newsweek, the South China Morning Post, MSNBC, Discovery, The Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. Some of his radical jaunts include touring North Korea, Tibet, war-ravaged Cambodia and a Tahitian in depth nuclear testing, seafaring with the Mongolian Navy and getting trapped in a Burmese house arrest. Gluckman's best asset as a journalist is his insatiable appetite for the marvellous wonders of the world, which has aided the penning of his extraordinary stories and expeditions.
Kulinary Kamasutra
- Anne Loh & Faye Shen
Wine & Dine, September 2002 (Singapore)
Currently assistant food editor for Singapore's leading food and wine magazine, Wine & Dine, Loh has managed to combine her two loves - writing and food and beverage. Her interest in food and wine was fired up ten years ago, resulting in hospitality training, followed by an endless whirlwind of tasting and walking into every cellar door she comes across. Loh avidly supports the small producers and operators who put their heart and soul into their life's work. She is currently working towards her next wine and food qualification.

Shen is a newly initiated food aficionado with an appetite for all things authentic. As the editorial assistant at Wine & Dine, she had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the real world of food. Shen is particularly interested in the origins and evolution of food culture. She is currently pursuing her first degree at the University of Melbourne.


Marco Polo's Chinese Wheat Affair
- Suryatini N Ganie
Djakarta - The City Life Magazine,
October 2002 (Indonesia)
Soar in the light blue skies with Garuda Airlines and you may catch a glimpse of Ganie's literary expose of fine cuisine in the GARUDA in-flight magazine. She speaks Javanese, Sudanese, German, Portuguese and Italian and has garnered 21 years of experience as a stellar food columnist and penned the essence of gastronomic artistry in four English and three Bahasa Indonesia cookbooks. Ganie has been the chairman of the jury for the Bimoli Cooking Award 2002, guest speaker at the Indonesian Heritage Society Museum Nasional, Jakarta in 2001 and a food consultant as managing director PT. Sarana Vida Harja, gastronomy division. In salutation towards her ardour for and great literary contribution to the gastronomic scene, she has been twice awarded the prestigious Parama Bhoga Nugraha from the Department of Food and Horticulture Republic of Indonesia 1999, and also the Adhikarya Wisata from the Department of Tourism and Telecommunications.

Pearl River Enclave - Flavours of a Maritime Empire
- Nick Walker
Asian Hotel & Catering Times, August 2002 (Hong Kong)
From the highest peaks of Korea's Sorak mountains to the sunny beaches of southern Thailand, Walker draws no boundaries when it comes to adventure. His passion lies in the cultural grandeurs of literature and music that has inspired him to see through the publication of a plethora of articles as well as the release of his debut music album, East of Vladivostok in 1994. A feature writer with Asiafeatures98, Walker's works have appeared in reputed Asian publications such as the South China Morning Post, Tokyo Weekender and The Japan Times. Currently penning his latest novel, The Jade Sea, set in the northeast Asian arena of Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan and North Korea over the period 1937-1998, Nicholas is also dedicated to his monthly column, Nick's Food Adventures.

Nature's Food Wrappers
- Chia Joo Suan
Flavours, September 2002 (Malaysia)
Unwrapping and revealing her polished talent for feature writing in her article, 'Nature's Food Wrappers', Chia has scaled great solstices and achieved vast recognition both as a food chemist and a feature-writer. Her devotion to gastronomy has been accentuated through her resolute perseverance for a dazzling 25 years in her food chemist career at the Food Technology Research Centre of Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute. As an esteemed columnist for the food safety column in section two of The Star newspaper, Malaysia, Chia has been a significant ambassador for spreading forth the socially beneficial message of food safety and nutrition. Chia's versatility in writing has allowed for her artistic aspect to be apparent through the creative food and lifestyle magazine, Flavours.

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