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Sustainable Award

This award seeks to recognise the excellence and contribution of individuals who are in the hotel or hospitality industry that incorporates a high level of sustainability practices.
Evaluation criteria: 
  • Professionalism: The Nominee is dedicated to upholding the  highest standards in the working environment. 
  • Creativity: The Nominee possesses a wide range of culinary skills and constantly strives to create innovative and unique recipes. Also pays close attention to detail to harmonise every ingredient used.
  • Consistency: The Nominee strives to perfect his or her technique and displays a desire to constantly improve and learn.
  • Leadership: The Nominee is a leader who works well with the kitchen and service staff in order to ensure that the quality of the food is upheld and produced in a timely manner. The Nominee is also a keen mentor who is willing to share their knowledge and develop the skills of their subordinates.
  • Commitment to Quality: The Nominee is always committed to seeking out the freshest ingredients available and using the best techniques, so as to provide quality dishes.