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About Cacao Barry®

Fueled by over 175 years of cacao and chocolate expertise across the world, Cacao Barry® continues to bring both innovation and support to farmers and chefs. With an innate understanding of the very source, Cacao Barry® provides the most unique cacao from remarkable places to ensure chefs are able to design the most unique pastry creations. With profound knowledge and strong roots in plantations, Cacao Barry® offers true diversity of flavour and origin by launching a range of single Origines couvertures (1994). With the launch of Millésime single plantations (2006) and Or Noir™ (2007), Cacao Barry© has given chefs access to remarkable flavours from remarkable places. Dedicated to the principles of traceability and sustainability throughout the entire process, Cacao Barry® developed the Pureté range (2013). The intense flavours of these chocolates are due to controlled fermentation, a technology that allows us to further unlock the sensorial richness of cocoa.