Mohamad Fazil

Wines of Portugal Sommelier of the Year
Group Sommelier
Salt Grill & Sky Bar By Luke Mangan
Sommelier of the Year
Hosting Establishments
  1. Sartori di Verona (Veneto, Italy)
  2. Medici Ermete (Emilia Romagna, Italy)
  3. Ascheri (Piemonte, Italy)
  4. Lvnae Bosoni (Liguria, Italy)
  5. ColleMassari (Toscana, Italy)
  6. Baglio di Pianetto (Sicilia, Italy)

Travel Takeaway

After this educational trip, I am now more familiar with the names and styles of each Italian grape varietal and what they are used for. Some of the wine legislations were explained clearer when I met the wine makers in person, widening my knowledge of Italian wines and helping me provide better recommendations to the restaurant diners as well as improve my performance and duty as a sommelier.

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