The dining table is a backdrop for the incredible dining experiences every day, where discoveries and memories are made. It is a place Luzerne recognises for its vitality and the familiarity – but no less magical – dimension it brings to life itself as a natural companion for your best moments in life.
  • Contestants include award finalists for New Restaurant of the Year, Restaurant of the Year and Restaurant Manager of the Year.
  • Luzerne will provide a 5 piece coloured-ware set (name of collection will be announced on @Luzerneglobal Facebook in January 2018)
  • Each contestant will be given 180 minutes to dress up a *table setting for 2 persons.
  • All contestants are to bring their own cutlery and props suitable to create their respective magnificient showcase of "Everyday Best Table"
  • 3 winning teams will be announced during the Awards of Excellence Presentation Ceremony on 2 April 2018
  • Exclusive rewards for winners include a 4D3N Experiencial trip to Luzerne Integrated Resort, in China
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